Thursday, October 27, 2011

My home.

Okay, so I posted in my about me last night that I live in my own apartment with 2 other girls so I figured I would show off a few things in my apartment so everyone will know where I lay my head at  night.  I have lived in this apartment for about a year and a half, so far I have loved it but it's different having to be a responsible adult and do everything for yourself.  When I have children I will tell them to NEVER move out cause you don't have a home cooked meal every night like they used to! Now every time I go to my parents house I always make momma have a yummy dinner cooked! 

 But here it is...

This is my living room..

My bedroom..

Different angle of my bedroom..(please excuse the cords)

Now, on to the bathroom..


The view from the toilet..

I also have a pretty good size walk in closet..but it's not spotless at the moment so we will leave that out. ;) Kitchen was dirty at the time (go figure)!!  I can NOT stand being messy! I can't wait to live on my own so everything will be perfect and will not have to pick up after anyone.  ((but of course I'll pick up after my husband and kids when I get to that point in my life))  But anyways.. Hope everyone enjoys seeing my little crib! Have a good day. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hello everyone!  I don't have any followers yet but hopefully I will soon! Big shout out to Emily Cain for getting me started on here! Once I play around with everything I will start posting things more often.  Have a good one!