About Me...

Hello everyone!  I'm Glenna :) I'm 21 years young, and  I'm from a small town called White House, TN.  I live in an apartment in Bowling Green, KY for now because I attend Western Kentucky
University. (Soon to be moving back home with my parents, what a joy;))  I am a nursing major, just waiting and applying to other nursing schools around my hometown.  I work as a CNA at Greenview Regional Hospital in Bowling Green.  I love taking care of people and being able to help the ones that can't do anything for themselves.  Also, I know this sounds weird but I LOVE taking care of patients going through the end of life stages.  So ya never know I could be a Hospice nurse one day;) Anyways, enough about nursing.  I am outgoing and love the outdoors! I work and go to school during the week and spend time with my amazing boyfriend, AJ, on the weekends.  You all will be seeing a lot of pictures:)  

But enough for now..Be sure to follow me :)  Have a lovely day!