Monday, November 28, 2011

All about the deer this weekend!

Hello friends! Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I am thankful for a lot this year some being:  
God- If it weren't for him I wouldn't be here today. He is the one I can always count on, I know he will never let me down and I always have him to talk to.  I hope he continues to bless me in many more ways.
Family- Dad,Mom, and Gavin. My parents go out of their way for me and I don't tell them enough how much I appreciate it. Thanks Mom!
My boyfriend AJ- I never thought I could care about someone as much as I care about this fine fella.  He always sticks by my side no matter what.  I'm so glad God has put him in my life and I know its for a good reason.  He has taught me so much(cause I ask him 758297026361 questions about everything!!!) but mostly about myself.  I hope we can grow even closer as the years pass. I can say I love this boy to death! ((Big smile))
Friends, a roof over my head, my parents providing me with food, my job(stressful but at least I have one), my car, and I am VERY thankful that my parents are paying for my school with no loans so I won't have any student loans when I graduate!(That will be so helpful!!!)  And much more!!  I hope God continues to bless me the way he is now.  I got to spend time with the family and my boyfriend.  My grandparents came up to my parents to eat so not a big one for us.  I just love the holidays just because of all the yummy food!! Like I said we ate at my parents then went to AJ's aunts house to hang out and visit.  
Please excuse the black phone messed up the red eye.
Thanksgiving :)

So now the super fun stuff..
We woke up Friday morning and actually we laid our lazy butts in bed..had to sleep in went hunting.  Friday afternoon rolls around we hit the woods.  We are just chilling in our ground blind..waiting..buck grunting..watching..doe call...waiting..watching.. ya know the boring stuff?  Well.. about 30 or 45 goes by.. I lean down to get my drink and AJ is beside me playing a game on his phone..look up and see 3 precious little deer... (Excited, whisper voice)  "AJ there's some deer, don't move!!!" We sit there and watch them for a minute to see if big PaPa bear comes strutting in.. We get to looking..see 4... now see 5 does.  They are walking towards us so he says "You wanna shoot one?"  So I'm like "Yea, yea, yea..Let me take one."  I get the gun and just shoot one cause they were getting closer AJ said it felt like it was 10 minutes and closer.. but hey I was nervous and excited cause it was my first deer! "POWWWWW".. DEER IS DOWN!!!!! Put my gun back on safety and he's like "Good job babe, you got it!!!"  Well I shot it but I didn't kill it,  I shot too far in the back.. So 10 minutes goes by and the deer is still trying to get up and run and looking around..Well by then it was KILLING me to sit there and watch this little thing do that! So I made AJ go...well ya know... cut its throat..  I know that sounds like the worst thing you could do but it's hunting.  AJ comes back to the blind and says Glenna that's a little button buck, therefore it wasn't a girl it was a boy.  So that was even better! 
Taaaaa Daaaaa.. my first deer:) 
His two little points. I know he's isn't an actually big swamp donkey buck but hey at least I got one! I was so excited..if you can't tell!!!
I wanted to gut it and do his cuttin all by myself..And I was loving every second of it!

Now on to AJ's deer..
Speaking of swamp donkeys..I'll show the picture first so you can go ahead and say "WOW!!!"
I don't know how big y'alls deer are but in Good Ole Tennessee that's a good deer.
I'll tell his story shorter than mine.. play by play
We were leaving the field on Saturday afternoon and we look over and all you see is a big ole rack at the edge of the woods. Well AJ being the man he is pretty sure he had a heart attack, shoots..misses by a hair..buck and doe take off running.. AJ takes off running..doe is no where to be found..AJ looks in another field and there he stands.. AJ shoots again...and all I hear is "WOOOOOOOOO"...DEER IS DOWN AND DEAD(he can shoot better than me..obviously ;))!! So I take off running through the field to find him we go check him out and I am in total shock cause I've never seen one this big before..But boy was he excited.  

As you can't tell I had a fabulous weekend..I apologize for all the excitement! Now it's my turn to get a big buck. Hope everyone has a good week :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Wedding Bells.

So I am finally going to blog about the wedding I went to, ahh what.? Three weekends ago..yea I'm a little late, so what!  We had a blast!! The wedding was beautiful, I'm not big on church weddings because they are SO serious and emotional.. So an outside wedding for this girl.  The reception was too fun.  AJ and I have been downtown to have some drinks, be silly and dance so I was telling him how he had to be silly just like when we went downtown... Let's just say he was even more fun!! He was cracking me up the whole time. It was an open bar or you could bring whatever you wanted to drink so him and my brother were a hoot!  Okay, so my favorite part...picture time!  Oh and by the way, my boyfriend HATES taking pictures so I had to talk him into it.  He was such a trooper and didn't even complain.. God love him!!!  I LOVE pictures if y'all haven't noticed ;)

  Look at that stud!!!!
AJ, Me, My brother, Lacey (his cute little girlfriend, hopefully will be my sister-in-law)  ;)
One of my favorites!
Another fav
This is one of his BEST pictures I think he's ever taken!
My big brother
The whole family.

Okay.. Now for the fun pictures..;)
Me and my brother busting some moves.
AJ and my brother.. I wonder about them
Haha I have no clue what we are doing..
I love this!

So now, they call all the single ladies out to the floor.. best believe I'm gonna catch the bouquet..  Well sure enough........
I hear wedding bells. :) :) :)

They had a photo booth set up at the reception. It was so neat and such a cute and fun idea.
Drink another one boys.
If you can't tell I loved his suspenders this night.

I promise I'm almost done!! HAHA
He's too cute!
He was having so much fun that he ripped his pants
Love this!
Sometimes I think he's Amish!
This is probably the sweetest picture :)

Now time to show off the bride and groom.. 
Me, Melissa, and Mom
My cousin Ross

Taaa Daaa.. That's all of them! Just wanted to share some of the pictures.. Sorry about the mile long blog..Hope you enjoyed! 


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fall Horse Ride.

Sorry everyone who has been reading up on my blog, its been a while since I wrote!! But anywho, I wanted to share some pictures from a Fall trail ride at the Natchez Trace my boyfriend and I went on with some friends. I absolutely love horses. If I could ask for anything it would be a horse. I have always wanted one since I was a little girl but I was never around them to ever get to ride.  But now that I have met AJ that has changed. One of his good friends, Hank, has a farm so we ride every now and then.  I enjoy riding just wish I had one of my own to saddle up and ride whenever I wanted.. (Santa is coming soon! But I know that won't happen. ;)) 
>>So here are some pictures from the ride.<<
Hank, AJ, Rebecca, Evan, Me
It was so pretty!
Some of the boys.
The girls.
Being silly.. Yee Hawwww
Just me and my horsey!

So now, after everyone got done riding there were some people cooking for about 70 people back at the barn.  Yummy chicken and BBQ.  A friend of some people at the barn brought his band and played music for everyone.  It was just such a good time!!!!

AJ and his buddy Bob.

Now, let me tell ya this little boy is too cute.. Watch him do his thing.

  Hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week.  In a few days I will blog about my cousin wedding!! :)  Hope you enjoyed.


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Almost Hunting Time!!

Good afternoon my friends.  Just wanted to blog while I have time before the wedding.  Me and my boyfriend went to Bass Pro Shops last night and stayed for about 2 hours or more.  I could spend tons of money in that store.  

Bass Pro Shop for those of you who don't have one around your area.

And this is what we came out with....

I only have a rifle and a shotgun so I can't start hunting for a few more weeks but let me tell ya..I am SO excited!  I wanted to get a ground blind so I could use it for deer season and turkey season..

This year my boyfriend told me I needed to wash my clothes in no scent detergent so I did that and hung them out to dry.  But them he proceeds to tell me I need to put my camo in a bin with leaves and pines..

Now the deer can't run away from me..! 

And in all of the excitement is my baby Bella!

And last but not least..Male bonding time! Daddy and AJ! How cute is that! :)
I just love them!!

Just wanted to share my goodies I got yesterday!  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend... Now I'm off to the wedding! :)