Monday, November 21, 2011

Wedding Bells.

So I am finally going to blog about the wedding I went to, ahh what.? Three weekends ago..yea I'm a little late, so what!  We had a blast!! The wedding was beautiful, I'm not big on church weddings because they are SO serious and emotional.. So an outside wedding for this girl.  The reception was too fun.  AJ and I have been downtown to have some drinks, be silly and dance so I was telling him how he had to be silly just like when we went downtown... Let's just say he was even more fun!! He was cracking me up the whole time. It was an open bar or you could bring whatever you wanted to drink so him and my brother were a hoot!  Okay, so my favorite part...picture time!  Oh and by the way, my boyfriend HATES taking pictures so I had to talk him into it.  He was such a trooper and didn't even complain.. God love him!!!  I LOVE pictures if y'all haven't noticed ;)

  Look at that stud!!!!
AJ, Me, My brother, Lacey (his cute little girlfriend, hopefully will be my sister-in-law)  ;)
One of my favorites!
Another fav
This is one of his BEST pictures I think he's ever taken!
My big brother
The whole family.

Okay.. Now for the fun pictures..;)
Me and my brother busting some moves.
AJ and my brother.. I wonder about them
Haha I have no clue what we are doing..
I love this!

So now, they call all the single ladies out to the floor.. best believe I'm gonna catch the bouquet..  Well sure enough........
I hear wedding bells. :) :) :)

They had a photo booth set up at the reception. It was so neat and such a cute and fun idea.
Drink another one boys.
If you can't tell I loved his suspenders this night.

I promise I'm almost done!! HAHA
He's too cute!
He was having so much fun that he ripped his pants
Love this!
Sometimes I think he's Amish!
This is probably the sweetest picture :)

Now time to show off the bride and groom.. 
Me, Melissa, and Mom
My cousin Ross

Taaa Daaa.. That's all of them! Just wanted to share some of the pictures.. Sorry about the mile long blog..Hope you enjoyed! 



  1. hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!
    seriously the funniest pictures I've ever seen.
    Winner! ;)

  2. I am a new blogger and recently found your blog. I think having a photo booth at a wedding reception is the coolest idea. I will definitely be following your blog. :) If you have a chance come stop by, I am still trying to figure out how everything works. :)

  3. Gorgeous pictures!! Love your blog. New follower!

  4. sooo many awesome photos!!! :D :D what a lovely post!

  5. I LOVE WEDDINGS And these pictures explain every reason why! Looks like a blast!! You and the boy are too cute!

  6. I found you on 20sb! So glad. I'm from TN too and just moved to Dallas in April! It's good to see a girl with a deer and getting down at a wedding! Can't wait to see more!!


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