Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fall Horse Ride.

Sorry everyone who has been reading up on my blog, its been a while since I wrote!! But anywho, I wanted to share some pictures from a Fall trail ride at the Natchez Trace my boyfriend and I went on with some friends. I absolutely love horses. If I could ask for anything it would be a horse. I have always wanted one since I was a little girl but I was never around them to ever get to ride.  But now that I have met AJ that has changed. One of his good friends, Hank, has a farm so we ride every now and then.  I enjoy riding just wish I had one of my own to saddle up and ride whenever I wanted.. (Santa is coming soon! But I know that won't happen. ;)) 
>>So here are some pictures from the ride.<<
Hank, AJ, Rebecca, Evan, Me
It was so pretty!
Some of the boys.
The girls.
Being silly.. Yee Hawwww
Just me and my horsey!

So now, after everyone got done riding there were some people cooking for about 70 people back at the barn.  Yummy chicken and BBQ.  A friend of some people at the barn brought his band and played music for everyone.  It was just such a good time!!!!

AJ and his buddy Bob.

Now, let me tell ya this little boy is too cute.. Watch him do his thing.

  Hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week.  In a few days I will blog about my cousin wedding!! :)  Hope you enjoyed.



  1. Look at you posting videos!! GET IT GIRL :)
    that little boy is precious.. Liam will be just like him, hahaha!

  2. What a beautiful day for a ride. The leaves looked gorgeous!!!! Can't wait to hear about the wedding :0

  3. I'll tell Santa hahaha maybe you will get your wish....

  4. Yea right mom! I wish! Thats my xmas list..and thats all!

  5. Ask AJ/Santa for one...or Hank? :) Better find another list for Momma!


Thanks for your thoughts! :)