Saturday, November 5, 2011

Almost Hunting Time!!

Good afternoon my friends.  Just wanted to blog while I have time before the wedding.  Me and my boyfriend went to Bass Pro Shops last night and stayed for about 2 hours or more.  I could spend tons of money in that store.  

Bass Pro Shop for those of you who don't have one around your area.

And this is what we came out with....

I only have a rifle and a shotgun so I can't start hunting for a few more weeks but let me tell ya..I am SO excited!  I wanted to get a ground blind so I could use it for deer season and turkey season..

This year my boyfriend told me I needed to wash my clothes in no scent detergent so I did that and hung them out to dry.  But them he proceeds to tell me I need to put my camo in a bin with leaves and pines..

Now the deer can't run away from me..! 

And in all of the excitement is my baby Bella!

And last but not least..Male bonding time! Daddy and AJ! How cute is that! :)
I just love them!!

Just wanted to share my goodies I got yesterday!  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend... Now I'm off to the wedding! :)



Thanks for your thoughts! :)